Owner/Driver: Scott Douglas


Home: El Cajon, CA


Crew Chief: Dan Sunderland


Truck Chief: Dustin Edwards


Engine Builder: Goodwin Competition


Mechanics and Crew

          Chris Hunt

          Jason Feught

          Ted Kendal

          Trevor Hofstetter

          Joe Sunderland


Suspension Consultant: Jeff Frana



Hospitality: Jeff Howe


Transport Driver: Gary Weber





Scott Douglas is the first to admit that while he may be the driver, team owner, and face of Douglas Motorsports, every member of the crew is equally important to a winning effort. With eleven off-road championships to his credit, Douglas knows what it takes to put together a professional crew.


“When I roll up to the starting line in the AMSOIL Borla Exhaust Walker Evans Racing Cooper Tire Ford Raptor I’m always confident that I have the best prepped truck on the starting grid,“ stated Douglas, “…my crew is simply the best in the business.”

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