What is TORC PRO-4x4?

Vehicles built or manufactured as a full size four (4) wheel driven type utility vehicle, capable of being driven through the front wheels. Vehicle must be a standard manufacturer production model available to the general public in the U.S.A.



Front wheel travel: 18 inches.

Rear wheel travel: 20 inches.

All 4 corners must be coil over suspension.



Maximum wheelbase: 122 inches. Minimum Wheelbase:113 inches.

Maximum track width: 93  inches



Vehicle: 2017 Ford Raptor


Engine Size:  V-8  Goodwin Competition

Chassis: Douglas Motorsports


Lubricants: AMSOIL


Transmission: J & H Performance

Tires: Cooper Tires

Wheels: Walker Evans Racing

Seat: Mastercraft

Lighting: KC HiLities

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